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Our Privacy policy

In an effort to protect the privacy and rights of our clients and site visitors, Picaraza Domains Ltd has established a Privacy Policy which explains what information we gather from visitors and what we do with the information that we gather.

This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which Picaraza Domains Ltd collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users of this Web site (each one, one "User").

The Information We Collect

Picaraza Domains Ltd collects personally identifiable information from Users through online forms for ordering products and services.

We may also collect information about how Users use our Web site, for example, by tracking the number of unique views received by the pages of the Web site or the domains from which Users originate. We use "cookies" to track how Users use our Web site.

How We Use the Information

Picaraza Domains Ltd may use personally identifiable information collected through our Web site to contact Users regarding products and services offered by Picaraza Domains Ltd and its trusted affiliates, independent contractors and business partners, and otherwise to enhance Users' experience with Picaraza Domains Ltd and such affiliates, independent contractors and business partners.

At no time, Picaraza Domains Ltd database of users will never be sold to any entity for the purpose of marketing or mailing lists. On Picaraza Hosting do not store credit card details or share customer details with any 3rd parties.

Cookie policy

What are cookies and why do we use them?

Cookies are small text files placed on your device when you visit a website or application. Your web browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) then sends these cookies back to the website on each subsequent visit so that they can remember things like preferences.

Cookies are very useful and do lots of different jobs. For example, they enable you to move between our web pages efficiently, they remember your preferences when you visit us again and generally improve your experience when browsing with us. They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.

Cookies last for different lengths of time depending on the job they do. There are session cookies and persistent cookies:

Your choices

We will only read or write cookies for the preference level you set when you first visit our website.

Please note that cookies set before you changed your settings will still be on your computer. You can remove them using your browser settings.

We also use a cookie to remember your cookie preferences. This means:

The cookies we use

The cookies used on our website fall into one of four categories:

Strictly necessary cookies

Strictly necessary cookies let you move around the website and use essential features like secure areas, shopping baskets and online billing.

We use these strictly necessary cookies to:

Cookies we have defined as strictly necessary will NOT be used to:

Performance cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how you use our website. For example, which pages you visit and if you experience any errors. These cookies are essential to us being able to operate and maintain our website.

These cookies don't collect any information that could identify you – all the information collected is anonymous.

Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website, so if you prevent them we cannot guarantee how our site will perform for you.

In some cases, some performance cookies are managed for us by third parties, but we don't allow the third party to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed below.

We use performance cookies to:

Cookies we have defined as performance will NOT be used to:

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to provide services or to remember settings to improve your visit.

You decide whether or not these cookies are used, but preventing them may mean we can't offer you some services, and will reduce the support we can offer you, such as ‘live chat’.

We use functional cookies to:

Cookies we have defined as functional will not be used to:


Targeting cookies are linked to services provided by our trusted partners, You decide whether or not these cookies are used.

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